General information
Name: Homing Missile
Icon: Homing Missile
Pack: Standard
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces: 1
Damage /piece: 20
Total damage: 20

Description Edit

Homing Missile is a tank-seeking missile similar to Heatseeker that will stop in midair once above the enemy tank and dive directly down to do damage and destroy some terrain.

Tips Edit

  • Heatseeker is a guaranteed 20 points of damage if it flies over the enemy tank.
  • Heatseeker is an excellent weapon choice for early game and when either tank is displaced significantly. If a player is unsure of how much power is needed to reach the enemy, they should guess high. The arch of the missile's path will give the player an idea of how much power to remove without giving up the guaranteed hit.
  • While heatseeker does not do significant damage, it also does not destroy a lot of terrain, making it useless for digging out of terrain like Dirtball and Mud Pie.

Similar weapons Edit