General information
Name: Bubble Gun
Pack: Plasma
Types: damaging
Damage calculator
No. of pieces:Varies
Damage /piece:5
Total damage:~140


The Bubble Gun is a line-of-sight, rapid-fire weapon that fires a string of bubbles. Each bubble does 5 damage, usually adding up to about 140 damage if all bubbles hit. The bubbles are not affected by gravity and will float up into the sky after a short distance (increasing Power improves the range). 

While it deals respectable damage, its short effective range usually makes it impractical unless the players combines it with a mobility tool such as the Jump Jets and is lucky with the random level generation. The bubbles have a small blast radius but do not damage the terrain, which combined with its high damage makes it incredibly dangerous to the user if they get buried. As such, it is usually advised to avoid this weapon if possible.


  • The Bubble Gun fires out a semi-random number of bubbles.
  • Early promo videos show that bubbles initially flew in an arc and only dealt 1 damage each, and that there were much, much more of them. This was changed in the final iteration, likely to make it stand out from other rapid-fire weapons like the Tommy Gun.